SIA S.p.A.

ICN - Intermediari Con Network Enterprise Edition

Innovativa piattaforma on line, semplice e intuitiva, per la gestione delle trattative di vendita e delle collaborazioni

The easier the task, the easier it is to reach the goal

Our mission is to offer a restricted area behind you institutional Web Site. It means the sellers will approach your website, and from there they will be pushed into the restricted area. The main concept is that a vendor is not a customer, we can say that a vendor needs a system projected for a vendor.

Our Company creates IT solutions since 1982 only for insurance business. We serve 25 Insurance Companies, two thousand insurance agencies, more than one hundred Brokers. We manage almost 12 thousand sellers that engage our systems with 26 thousand access every day.

  1. 1

    It follows that our restricted areas are:

    Essentials , light and reliables
    Standard, easy to learn, easy to use, ready to start and , at the end, recyclable as far as concerns the seller experience. That helps the ICN owner to engage a skilled seller network.
    Industrial means to elaborate large amount of data faster then possible. A large seller base could give you the possibility to approach crosselling and upselling campaign.

  2. 2

    We think that a solid and easy experience is the best way to work for a professional seller:

    Restricted area only for sales force, here the sellers can:
    Be guided throughout Workflow process on selling
    Quotate or quick quotate the risk (even anonymous)
    Reach a Comparison Quotation
    Underwrite a Policy in a while or at the end of a process

  3. 3

    The ICN Owner can:

    Easly manage any insurance product
    Ask SIA to provide a Plug-in to company business logic
    Manage the Sellers subnetwork

ICN offers also a recruitment area for seller candidate: there is an access for candidates that could declare identity data, business information, and also, they could upload the documents asked by the company. There is also an access for the owner that can appreciate a rating system powered by SIA to decide if approve or decline the candidature. This process is governed by a workflow.